Cyclingweeks with the Olympic Champion Olaf Ludwig in Sandanski

Cycling Tours in Sandanski

  • Tour to Greece (ca. 75 km)
  • Tour to the famous Rila monastery (ca. 104 km)
  • Tour around Petrich (ca.105 km)
  • Mountain tour for everybody (15 km)
  • Tour around the Pirin Mountains (ca. 120 km)
  • Tour to the Rozhen monastery (ca. 75 km)


  • is a city of about 26.000 residents in the southwest of Bulgaria
  • is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, 160 km south of Sofia and 140 km northwest of Thessaloniki
  • is a popular health resort
  • has a mediterranean climate

Rila Monastery
The Bulgarian Rila Monastery - National Sanctuary, UNESCO cultural heritage and popular tourist attraction

The Miracle in the Mountains
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Accomodation in the 5 hotel "Park Hhotel PIRIN Sandanski" with a generous wellness area.